Seeds of Anterra

A New Party Sees the Challenge

New Campaign!

Our adventure begins as the first day of Rain comes, in the port town of Barend and two strangers from the south step off of the docks into town. 


The first, is a silver scaled Dragonborn named, Arianna Emeraldstar from the Egg, the capitol of the Nest's empire. She carries with her a Steel Box, sealed with magic and lacking a key, sent ahead of her by a more standard messenger. Inside lies a masterpiece of Jewelry, a Diadem forged by her master, and her clutch. 

The other is Abur MacGuffy,a Dwarf hired by the Warders, an organization in the Cragdeep Empire who concerns themselves with holding correct knowledge through the world. Abur has been hired to begin updating their maps of the trails between Barend and Whitewood, and has also been asked to bring more back over time. 

They both have hired the Blackwood Caravan company to take them along the trail, as guards and company. After meeting with the company's leader Finn Attala, and the other members of the guard: a Pale and dark Aasimar- Arrayah Khan, a rather jovial human – Emille Navoc, and a light brown dragonborn named Ahken.

The group set out on their journey the next day, taking warnings of Fey-Ruins in mind. The first few nights were quiet, but on the 4th night, a local tremor gave warning to an attack of an Ankheg, a nasty monstroous bug capable of spitting acid all over. 

As the party forced the beast to retreat, they noticed that there was a change in the trail. Somehow, a Fey Ruin had appeared in the trail. Not willing to risk getting lost, Finn had the camp stay put, and put up an extra vigilant watch, to make sure that they didn't lose anyone in the ruins. 

Almost a full day later, Arianna notices on her volunteer watch, that at least six of the merchants traveling with the caravan have disappeared. Finn quickly begins barking orders, having herself and Akhen on a much more stringent watch, and ordering Emille, Abur, Arrianna, and Arrayah to investigate the ruins, and get their people out. 

At first not taking precautions to hide their presence, the search party struck out to the ruins, getting ambushed by cultists of a Dragon Cult as they approached. 

Needing backup, they sent Emille to got and retrieve FInn and Ahken, but struck into the depths of the ruins themselves. Fighting off more cultists, and their summoned infantile Beholder, the group manages to stop some strange ritual focused on a Nightmare Dragon Egg.

The group debates over the egg, based on its dangerous nature, but Arriana manages to convince them to keep the egg safe.

The group sets out the next morning as the ruins disappears, and make for Whitewood

That night, Arianna takes the the box with the diadem to the Nobillo family, meeting the son of the family Daeyn and the lady of the House [[Felicity Sannas Teloora Nabillo III]]. Later that night after completing the delivery, there's a night of well needed rest.

As the morning comes… the tavern the company was staying in is quickly swarmed with the guard of the castle, and the party is brought to the throne room, where Daeyn sits on the throne, as it's revealed Lady Felicity was found dead. Killed by a curse placed on the Diadem. 

Abur's quick thinking saves the party, as they force a chance to investigate and prove their innocence.

They search, finding a number of items. 

  1. The cursed Diadem. 
  2. A silver dragonborn scale. 
  3. A white rose, with the Lady's Name burnt onto it… and stained red.

Further investigation proves the party's innocennce, but implicates Finn, as a safehouse for the White Rose is found, and further proof is secured that Finn is responsible for the kill.

Based on a theory, Abur asks that a watch is put on a member of the caravan he finds a touch suspicious, Emille. As the night winds to a close, it appears Abur's mistrust is correct. Emille has gone missing. 



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