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Scholar's Log: Black Crag City

My cousin is a git

Continuing from where I left off in my last log, our company of Blackwood victims have finished our journey south into my homeland of Cragdeep. We spent a good week on the road getting into Cassia and another 4 days after that getting to Black Crag. I think tensions may be running high in the group as we get nearer to dwarven lands. Ari spends more and more time watching over her wretched egg and grows nervous of being in dwarven territory. Arrayah is still growing accustomed to whatever befell her in that temple when she drew her card. And I find myself dreading the decisions I may have to make for the sake of Cragdeep.

I’ll note here only for the sake of thoroughness that Cassia was not the rest stop that it should have been. I must have reorganized our cart and supplies 5 times that day out of frustration. Roux and I had a disagreement about the nature of the Stone Lord and his Kingdom, and my talks with Ari went no better. Arrayah is the only member of our group that I seem to get on fine with. It doesn’t help that Ari is remarkably skilled and inquisitive for a dragonborn. Were she to shed her scales she’d make for a decent dwarf, but she’s so damn thoughtless at times. She spoke to me about keeping an open mind, but I can’t afford that. She carries one of the most dangerous items I’ve ever seen into the heart of my homeland while assassins make attempts at my Stone Lord!

As our party arrived at Black Crag City we discovered that things had (OF COURSE) gotten worse. The Assembly was caught smuggling in goods and security checkpoints where established for all people coming into the city. As a result I feel I’ve had to lie a lot more today about the nature of our journey than ever before, which has revealed to me that I am a terrible liar. It’s a wonder any of the dwarves here believed me. Or maybe the didn’t believe me and just didn’t care. But then why the need for security then?

We picked up another dragonborn, this one being a tall, flatfaced fellow seeking some lord to serve. Dragonborn are strange creatures. We were directed to petition the governor of Black Crag for passage further south, which meant dealing with my lazy, fat, good -for-nothing, face-ripe-for-punching cousin Drengul Abernathy.

Our talks went well.

As a favor to my dear cousin we assisted in reclaiming goods from a crashed airship up In the East Cindercrests. The ship had come down below the peak of Roran’s Thumb in a shallow river valley, spilling its contents everywhere. The ship’s captain and crew assisted us, as did a funny-looking elf named Kuro, a lass (?) that’s quite skilled with a blade. We camped the first night alongside the wreckade and I gaive directions to the crew to bridge the river and tear off pieces of the airship for moving cargo. While this was being done we were beset by a young brown dragon, a nasty beast, but we managed to trap it underground and kill it. Our new dragonborn friend Takumi (strange names these dragonborn have) was particularly suicidal in his fight and nearly died half a dozen times in the battle, even going so far as to be trapped underground with the beast itself!

How do I keep finding these crazy people? No sense I say.

We recovered much of the cargo from the wreck and found that over two dozen crates were missing, many of them containing tea and opium. As these were very valuable luxeries it wouldn’t do for them to go missing so I plotted out a likely location of the dragon’s hoard so that we may recover it on the morrow. I dubbed the valley Brown Dragon Drop in honor of our victory that day. A dead dragon may well be the best kind of dragon (unless it’s an undead dragon. Those have to be killed again).

We recovered the goods inside an ancient dwarven monestary at the summit of the Thumb. A tough hike, but we made good time. I found the remains of one of my Kingshead cousins, though I was unable to identify his/her identity. I will meet with my family once we arrive in Kingshead and we’ll hold a proper memorial.

After that the remainder of the mission went without issue. We returned the goods to the city, the captain thanked us, Takumi and Kuro seem to have officially joined us so they could pass south, and my dearly idiotic cousin was kind enough to consent to us departing the city without violence of any kind. It’s so nice to have such cooperative family.

I only go into such depth in this particular log due to the nature of the events as they affect Black Crag City. A dead dragon, recovered goods, and dwarven diplomacy all deserve specific recognition. Our next leg of the journey will take us into Kingshead itself, where I expect to be met with a long list of things that need doing before we can push for the border. As I write this log I am resting off the drink and song we had in the bar downstairs. I may be in a good mood outwardly, but inside I know that a dragon grows in an egg not to far from my bed. And I dread what may need to be done to ensure that it never becomes a threat.

They say that nightmare dragons get inside your head, feast on your thoughts, terrorize your mind. I wonder… is the creature inside aware right now? Is its brain developing at such a pace that it knows what lies beyond its shell? Could it be aware that one of its own kind was slain just yesterday? I have many questions regarding this monster we carry with us, but Ari and the Nest are insistant on it being brought south. I am afraid. Yes, I am afraid. I am afraid because I know that the only guaranteed way to ensure the dragon does not become a threat is by taking action that will almost certainly spark conflict with the Nest. My family have trained all our lives for that moment, but I have no desire for war. So instead I shall remain afraid and hope that our mad sorceress is as clever and skilled as she believes she is.

Journal, I think I may just need to get another drink.


(Up until today I kept reading the first line as “My cousin is a gift”)

Scholar's Log: Black Crag City
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