Seeds of Anterra

A Trade Causes Complications

A 4th member of the Party Joins

After the party is released by Daeyn for proving their innocence, each of them retires for the evening. Arianna is interrupted by a flash of purple light and the faint smell of smoke, before a letter from her master appears before her, via a Scroll of Telescription.


Due to… the unfortunate nature of what happened to the Lady Felicity, the Magisters of the Nest contacted me after receiving a Scroll of Telescription from the Royal family of Aven, demanding your arrest and my restitution for the crime. I am told that a second letter arrived as well, speaking of the darkness that traveled with your caravan truly responsible for the death of the dear Lady.

As for your unique charge, I have spoken to the council…. and his highness, off the records of course. The council is in favor of immediately destroying the lost egg. If it is of a darker nature, they are not willing to risk the rehabilitation necessary.

However… his highness, has asked that you take the lost child through a darker territory, to avoid wandering eyes. Outside of your trusted companions, no one is to know of the egg from this point. If you must contact us again, there are two Scrolls of Telescription within. Refer to the egg as the Jewel of Torad.

While the road is dangerous, his highnes suggests the Underroad of Cragdeep, through the capitol of Kingshead, and then meeting his personal guard in the border town of Fallen Gulch.

Trust no one in this Arianna, and if you must trust them, make sure they understand the importance of such a jewel.

Please be careful.

Arianna chooses to share this letter with Abur first knowing that he’s likely the only person she knows who she can trust as well as knows the way through the Black Road.

She also clues in Arrayah, as her boss is imprisoned, one of her cohorts did the deed, and it might be best if she traveled with the two of them. Arrayah accepts.

It is at that time, the dragonborn Ahken comes in a rush. He’s recieved word that Daeyn plans to execute Finn for the crime of regicide. He begs the three of them intercede, and try to prevent the lord of Arun from killing her.

They agree, and manage to convince Daeyn to hold off for a week, pending a confession from the culprit, and even better, the culprits head

The party begins chasing the wayward Emilie, and finds proof of his guilt… And signs that his identity is that of a Changeling, who calls herself Roux.

Upon bringing a written confession left behind by the assassin, asking the party to meet her, to Lord Daeyn, the man agrees to let Finn go in the morning. He also states that he will send his guard after the assassin. Feeling a personal vendetta, all three of the Party say they will lead the charge.

Daeyn agrees, and the party begins marching a few hours before the guard can be mustered and sent.

The party finds the assassin exactly where she says they would find her. She begs for mercy, claiming guilt and that she completed the contract in bad conscience worrying that it broke the religious Tenets of the White Rose.

She says she needs the party to help her gain proof that the real Emile is the real culprit, the master of the local Sect, and that he personally met with Daeyn to set up the contract that murdered his mother as a power grab in a normally matriarchal society.

She only barely convinces the party, promising her weapons a holy symbol of The Grey Lady, and her life. If the manifest shows she’s lying, it’ll be her head. If she’s telling the truth, the party will spare her Daeyn’s wrath, but still require an impressive debt from her for sparing her.

The party follows the directions of Roux, as she leads them through an unknown cave system to the Temple of the Grey Lady, the training grounds and hideout of the Arun Sect of the White Rose.

Arrayah uses her abilities as a Druid to take the form of a Giant Spider, identical to the spider constructs the Rose uses to patrol the valley, scouting out the broken village, and accidentally charging headlong into the sanctuary of the Rose, tripping alarms and barely making it out with her skin intact. The remaining party begins charging the moment they hear the bells being tolled, rushing through the valley to try and save Arrayah, worried she might already be dead.

They manage to fend off several of the Cutlass spiders, as well as the initiates on Guard. They take the opportunity to lay an ambush for the more senior members of the Rose, and nearly wipe them out within the first round of combat, causing one of the more martial combatants to surrender.

In a rare moment of fury shown by Arianna, she scares him into wanting to go home, and rethink his life.

Before charging to the master’s study, they search the combatants belongings, finding a magic spear, a set of magic robes, and 3 cards, fluctuating with powerful energy but otherwise blank.

They each draw a card with intent…. And a series of strange magics affect Arianna, Abur, and Arrayah.

Adriana draws a card showing a woman holding a torch, staring out a window, her expression grim. The background shows 5 more torches raised as a mob. The card disappears after igniting, and as it does, Arianna feels a sense of dread shoot through her, as an older sister might when one of her siblings is in danger. She doesn’t know how, but she knows one of the Clutch is in danger.

Abur draws a card that appears to be a sage centaur, holding a massive tome teaching a class of various race students, in a pagoda overlooking a beautiful valley. It fades from existence, but the thoughts provoked seem to have bolstered and strengthened Abur’s ability.

Arrayah draws a card with a cloaked Tiefling, holding two chained Hellhounds at bay. The card fades as Ash, but something changes internally with the Druid. Her mind begins to fill with an uncanny rage, and she demands the sword and shield from Abur, her pale angelic features showing a righteous fury not previously possessed.

The party rushes into the masters study, coming face to face with Emile, whose Visage is familiar, though they realize that Roux simply borrowed his face.

They give him a chance to explain why the murder, the defamation of the caravan company, and the defamation of Arianna’s master Kaldur. Emile is unrepentant and simply says that there were people willing to pay.

He then immediately attacks, taking Arianna by surprise, and nearly dropping her on the spot with a well placed dagger.

She responds with a roar, and with a flare of Arcane magic, freezes the man in place.

The two hounds he’s with are distracted by Abur, who’s calm demeanor convinces one to turn on his master.

Arrayah goes wild, quickly charging the frozen assassin, swinging the blade in a fury that chips into his frozen form, followed by a shout from Roux who uses her connection to her diety to mark Emile for a short path to the grave.

Emile then shatters from the ice, and with incredible speed disengages from the raging Aasimar, taking a cheap shot at Abur.

The party responds quickly, Arianna firing ice, Abur throwing his mysterious magic spear, and Arrayah tearing two massive blows, augmented by the curse laid by Roux just a moment before. Worried that he will not survive, Emile pulls a Scroll and disappears.

Abur calms the hounds, the group quickly taking a large tome containing several contracts, a book from Emile’s personal collection, and a coin purse before burning the room to a cinder.

The party now turns, as dawn comes running through different tunnels to avoid the guard sent by Daeyn, convinced now that the Guard was meant to collect the manifest and silence anyone who may know of the contract.

In these more dangerous tunnels, the party is confronted by a dark creature, who proves tough, taking many blows that would kill others, and downing Arianna.

The group tries to save the sorcerer, but despite the efforts of the grave priest, the dragonborn has her throat torn by the beast before it tries to retreat. Abur finishes it off with a loud shout, and the group hurries, panicking with the body of their dead friend.

Roux directs them to the temple of Pelor in Whitewood, calling on some debt with the Father, a man of elvish descent, to try and bring the dragonborn back.

Abur starts the ritual by calling upon the slain spirit of the wolfen creature and the honor of the woman, to complete the task laid before her by the discovery of the egg, and the pleading of her own emperor.

Arrayah pleads with her as a new friend. Gently reminding her that all is not finished yet with the world.

Then, at the request of Abur and Arrayah, Roux is asked to try to assist.

She prays to the mysterious Grey Lady, pleading with her mistress that it is not the right time for the sorceress to die. She claims her own life as a debt owed to the sorceress, and after a moment, the torn throat is slowly restored to whole, and Arianna awakes, very grumpy.

As dawn breaks into the small church of Pelor, the party now must decide…. What is their plan of action now?


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